Q: What Makes You Different From Other Companies?

The short answer is this: We care. It is our desire and passion to provide our clients with not only the absolute best in decorative concrete, but with a degree of customer service that showcases our love and passion for what we do, and for our clients. Watch this video to find out more!


Q. Are Price Concrete Studio's Counters The Same As Concrete Countertops?

Technically, concrete is defined as a blend of cement, gravel, sand, and water. Our mix design is based on the same principles, but restricts the use of large aggregates, such as gravel, to those things that ornamentally enhance the finished work. The result is a fine, even textured finish of natural stone with enhanced strength and durability.

Q. So What Is It About Your Mix That Makes It Well Suited For Countertop Surfaces?

Our mix design was formulated specifically for use in countertops to create a smooth, refined finish with low luster and natural appearance. Ingredients include only select fine dry sand, highest quality cement, a minimal amount of water, and a polymer additive to enhance strength and performance, virtually eliminating micro-cracks, enhancing temperature change, chemical, and UV resistance. The cost of materials is higher for our products, but the beauty, long life, and performance of your counter makes the investment more than worthwhile.

Q. Why Do You Consider Concrete Countertops To Be Commissioned Works Of Art?

No two pieces will ever be alike. All our products are custom,and are usually designed in the early phases of a total room design to capture and reflect the vision for the entire space. It is not simply a "slab selection", but an extended canvas that can work as a unifying element through custom colors, edge design, and surface effects makes each piece unique and exclusive. Much like commissioning a sculptor, the master has a vision and technique and the material itself has its own personality assured to come through as the work comes to life. It's one of the very best reasons to have a Price Concrete Studio Concrete countertop...there will never be another one like it!

Q: Is All Concrete Gray?

Absolutely not! We have carefully chosen pictures for our website to illustrate that not only can concrete be literally any color you can imagine, it can also take on complex and beautiful shapes! We design and fabricate so much more than countertops, from Dog Bars to Bath Tubs and from Purple to Fire Engine Red, concrete can do it all! It truly is your dream, set in stone. 

Q. What Is It About Concrete That Has Made It So Appealing As A Surface In Homes And Commercial Settings In Recent Years?

Cement-based surfaces date back to the Romans. Today, cement is the single most commonly used building material in the world because of its performance and versatility. There are thousands of ways to formulate and form cement. Technology continues to provide ways to enhance strength and appearance of the material making it ideal for more applications than ever before. Concrete surfaces also have "character". Even if every measure of every ingredient is identical, each piece "reveals" itself during the finishing process. Things like ambient temperature and humidity in the studio at the time of pour and cure can affect the color and final texture of a piece. Over time your surface will continue to come to life aging beautifully as a part of your environment.

Q. What If I Am Looking For A More Rustic Look And Feel?

Thanks to the versatility of concrete we can satisfy any palate. Our mix design, casting methods, raw material choices, and finish methods allow us to create the finish of your choice.

Q. Are There Some Restrictions In Where And How Price Concrete Studio's Counters Can Be Used?

There are no restrictions in where our concrete surfaces can be used, with the exception of cabinetry on which the surface is placed. Because cement is heavy, it is important to be sure that your cabinets can support the weight. Plywood or solid wood cabinets are optimal, but fiberboard cabinets may require added reinforcement easily managed by any cabinet installer or carpenter. The weight also creates some limitations related to unsupported spans. Our design team can work with you to find the right answer where a large unsupported span or overhang is called for.

Our surfaces are great for outdoor kitchens as well!*

*Note that if your outdoor kitchen is to be placed in direct sunlight, color choice should be in the lighter color range, as this will keep the countertops cooler and usable even on those hot summer days.

Q: What Are The Care And Maintenance Requirements Of A Price Concrete Studio Surface?

We offer a variety of finishing options to suit the specific performance or appearance preferences of each client. All our surfaces are sealed prior to installation.
Once sealed, our surfaces require the same care and cleaning that any countertop surface should receive; but does not require any special treatment.

Like most natural stone products, acid presents the biggest risk of discoloration and staining. We recommend that acidic spills be quickly cleaned up to avoid etching the surface. Cutting on the surface is a no-no. The biggest risk is damage to your knives. But it can also break the sealed finish and leave your counter vulnerable to staining. While you may place hot pots on the surface, keep in mind that there is the possibility of damaging or discoloring the protective coating. For that reason, it is a good idea to use a hot pad or trivet.

Q: Is Concrete Durable? I Have Heard It Is Easy To Crack Or Chip.

Unlike the concrete you see on most sidewalks, our proprietary mix design makes use of the most up-to-date techniques and admixtures to minimize the risk of structural cracks or chips to your countertops. With normal countertop usage, and proper care, you should not experience either of these issues.