This Emerald Coffee Table
Doubles As The Center of Attention


What Does Your Coffee Table Say About You?

Designed and executed by Price Concrete Studio, this vibrant coffee table is a show-stopper. No need to apologize for staring…

custom work for a unique Space

This knockout custom piece was designed to stand out in an already awe-worthy space. Our studio was commissioned to design a statement coffee table for a local award-winning interior designer. When we heard about the space, we knew we had to pull out all the stops. This piece was curated for a downtown Orlando church-turned-townhome. This dreamy location would be the perfect home for an out-of-the-box design.


Custom emerald color with integrated brass design

We were given a color sample to go from with the instruction there should be a metal inlay. We played around with the color mixing process until the perfect emerald emerged. The result was a jewel-toned dream with a perfectly gold embossed look.


A Coffee Table That Makes A Statement

Once we were satisfied and the client was happy, the coffee table was delivered and quickly became the eye-popping statement piece this incredible space was craving.


from vision to Actuality

When the interior designer came to us for this piece, they gave dimensions and a few color ideas, then it was up to us to create a bold imaginative look that would turn heads. It is our great joy to take broad ideas and bring them to life!

Cocktail Hour In The Studio


Custom drinks & custom countertops

We love crafting our own cocktails almost as much as we love creating the surfaces to mix them on. Take a look inside the Elderflower Manhattan, a refreshing bourbon based beauty to make any mixologist swoon.

Twist on an old classic

After a long workday spent covered in concrete, sweating and chugging cold brew by the gallon (wait is that just us…?), you look forward to coming home, getting cleaned up and enjoying a little taste of the finer things. But, even if you aren’t up to your elbows in concrete, it’s nice to treat yourself at the end of a hard day’s work. The Elderflower Manhattan is one of our go-to mixed drinks to unwind with.


Once the design and installation of this custom whiskey sleeve countertop (that we definitely wish we could have kept for ourselves) was complete, we decided we’d better break it in with some of our favorite drinks before saying our goodbyes!


Elderflower manhattan

2oz Bourbon (we like Angel’s Envy)

1oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

1/2oz Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth

2 dashes angostura aromatic bitters (Feel free to play around with bitters here to switch it up!)

Top with a Maraschino Cherry since a cocktail really isn’t complete without a garnish

Serve over a king cube or a large ice sphere.

We’ll have what he’s having!

Photos by Sergio Castro

The House That Has It All


designer Touches

Over the last couple of years it’s been our great joy to work on the Kilgore House. This project has been incredibly unique for us because out of everything we’ve done here, we don’t have a single countertop in the house! This statement fireplace surround is just one of many custom pieces that work to make this house so special.

Bold pieces to accentuate existing CHARM

The aesthetic of Kilgore House is already so eye-catching. We wanted our pieces to come alongside and complement the space rather than overpower it.


pretty in pink

This 8 foot console blended perfectly with the geometric elements of this inviting and stylized den.


Gallery Style Seating For Natural Art

The house is home to a stunning cylinder fish tank full of vibrant coral and fish. Our clients wanted benches tailored to this space that would lend themselves to sea-gazing.

Did we mention the kangaroo?? Just when we thought we couldn’t love Kilgore House more, we saw their private zoo. We couldn’t possibly leave without saying hello to all the animals that call this place home.


Until next time, Kilgore House!


Bringing Indoor Style To The Great Outdoors


A space that inspires community

We wanted to create a space for our client that would lend itself to gathering friends and family. We partnered with our metal fabricator, Drew McGuckin, to create the base and eight stationary stools for our dolphin gray concrete community table.

time Moves slower here

As adults, summer may not hold the same carefree sentiment for us that it once did when we were kids. Most of us still go to work, and have demands on our time and attention no matter what season it is, but there is a certain something in the air that makes us feel just a little bit lighter. Outdoor living spaces can serve as a physical reminder to take things a little slower and to enjoy the sweetness life can bring when we are paying attention.


A Place For Everything

This charming smoker called for a space of its own, so we created a custom polished hole, and a chiseled stone edge profile.


Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen or a comfy chair you like to sip your morning coffee in, It’s important to create spaces where we can allow ourselves to slow down and gain nourishment from our surroundings.



5 Reasons To Love Stone Bathtubs

by Leah Lawson

Photograph by One World Just Go

Photograph by One World Just Go

1) They Will Make your friends & coworkers jealous

At one point or another, this photo has probably crept into your life - it’s made its way onto your discover feed, it’s popped up on Pinterest. There you are scrolling along, minding your own business when you see it: a tropical setting, a beautiful stone tub full of exotic flowers, and a view of an ocean somewhere. All of the sudden you find yourself on AirBnB scrolling through vacation homes in Thailand. You start imagining yourself in that soaking tub surrounded by flowers and sinking into that peaceful warmth when you’re forced to snap out of it because oops you’ve closed your eyes at your desk and are smiling at nothing and your coworker, Beth, already thinks you’re super weird. It looks like Thailand will have to wait… but maybe you don’t have to go to Thailand to make Beth wake up and finally realize how cool you are. Maybe you’re just one stone tub away from creating your personal paradise, and the best part? You don’t even have to leave the house. Take that, Beth.

2) They’re pretty

Let's face it; It's 2019 we care about aesthetics. Functionality is important for sure, but we want our things to look good. We use words like 'curate' now, and we can't be bothered by book covers or shampoo bottles that aren't nice to look at. Yes, there was a time when we were taught not to judge a book by its cover (and yeah I know it's a metaphor) but when was the last time you bought a literal book that didn't look cool? I don't even check out library books that don't look cool, and those are free! If you're staring at an old dirty tub that your kid took a permanent marker to when they were pretending to paint the Sistine chapel, and the result looks like it's maybe a turtle (maybe a turtle-squirrel hybrid) and no matter what angle you look at it from it looks like it's laughing at you, then perhaps it's not sparking as much joy as it used to. Maybe it just isn't pretty anymore. Concrete tubs are beautiful, and they fit in well with just about any design style. I know you did not go through, and Marie Kondo your entire house just to stop at the bathroom.

screen_3x (5).jpg

Chrissy Teigen’s stone bath. Photograph Courtesy of Hilton & Hyland

Chrissy Teigen’s stone bath. Photograph Courtesy of Hilton & Hyland

3) you can pretend you’re Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is an absolute legend. She was once called "the only celebrity that matters," and she 100% deserves that title. She is funny, stunning, she keeps it real, her twitter is goals, she's an amazing cook, she inspires us to care less about what other people think, and she teaches us that being yourself can be cool (especially if you're Chrissy Teigen). She also has a stone bathtub. Maybe you won't be floating home from the Oscars or the Grammys and sliding off your designer heels to slip into a bath, but you can totally float home from the movies, or a dinner with friends and slip into your own stone bath. Once you're in the bath and you close your eyes who is there to stop you from being Chrissy Teigen?? No one. In the comfort of your own bath - the same bath Chrissy Teigen graces with her presence - you are a celebrity, but not just any celebrity, you are the only celebrity that matters. You are Chrissy Teigen.

4) They’re Durable

It’s terrible to invest in something just to have it fail you a few months or a year later *cough* iPhone *cough*, that’s why it’s good to know concrete tubs are built to last. Concrete is scratch and heat resistant, making it a durable choice for a bathtub that will stand the test of time. So go ahead, get that blow torch out of the garage and go crazy! Just kidding that would be incredibly dangerous. Maybe just trust us on this one, okay?

Tub by Price Concrete Studio

Tub by Price Concrete Studio

screen_3x (3).jpg

5) It’s an excuse to relax

If you’re like me, you think about soaking in the tub a lot more than you actually do. You imagine yourself coming home after a long day, drawing a hot bath, lighting some candles and sinking in to take the first deep breaths you’ve taken all day. You picture yourself surrounded by bubbles, finally finishing that book that you picked up on vacation but haven’t been able to come back to since re-entering real life. But for all your good intentions, you only make it as far as the couch and a not-so-relaxing scroll through social media before it’s time to turn in. Maybe you’re too stressed out thinking about what you should be doing or could be doing with your evening, and you can’t allow yourself to take a night off- what you need is a good excuse. It’s in bad taste to pretend your grandma is sick again plus she posts so much on Facebook now that she learned about selfies that no one would believe you anyway. But your stone tub standing there all unused - stunning, inviting, and practically begging you to unwind?! Now that’s an excuse your grandma would approve of.

Cocktail Hour In The Studio

Introducing our favorite summer drink to cool down with: the DRAMATICALLY GARNISHED PIMM’S CUP

No matter where you’re living, this time of year, I’m sure you’ve seen some very hot days. Now, there are a few ways to tackle the unbearable heat:

1.) Run outside with a bucket of ice and a javelin in your hand, screaming at the sun “come and get me you coward!” This method is effective at momentarily making yourself feel better, but will not help with the overall heat factor you’re experiencing.

2.) Stay inside all day with your air conditioning until you slowly slip into delusion due to lack of contact with the outside world. Start performing the rock opera you wrote to an empty living room, and get your feelings hurt when your cat doesn’t return after intermission. This method is effective at keeping you cool, but you will have to sacrifice your dignity and sanity in exchange. Is it a fair trade? Maybe, but that really depends on how hot it is and how much sanity you had to begin with.

3.) Invite your pals over for a refreshing cocktail. This method is most effective at keeping you cool all while ensuring you stay connected with the important people in your life. Plus, you will have a larger test audience for your new rock opera, and for that, your cat will thank you.

Gin Paper Plane (1).png
Untitled design (2).png

Best served on a concrete countertop ;)