This Emerald Coffee Table
Doubles As The Center of Attention


What Does Your Coffee Table Say About You?

Designed and executed by Price Concrete Studio, this vibrant coffee table is a show-stopper. No need to apologize for staring…

custom work for a unique Space

This knockout custom piece was designed to stand out in an already awe-worthy space. Our studio was commissioned to design a statement coffee table for a local award-winning interior designer. When we heard about the space, we knew we had to pull out all the stops. This piece was curated for a downtown Orlando church-turned-townhome. This dreamy location would be the perfect home for an out-of-the-box design.


Custom emerald color with integrated brass design

We were given a color sample to go from with the instruction there should be a metal inlay. We played around with the color mixing process until the perfect emerald emerged. The result was a jewel-toned dream with a perfectly gold embossed look.


A Coffee Table That Makes A Statement

Once we were satisfied and the client was happy, the coffee table was delivered and quickly became the eye-popping statement piece this incredible space was craving.


from vision to Actuality

When the interior designer came to us for this piece, they gave dimensions and a few color ideas, then it was up to us to create a bold imaginative look that would turn heads. It is our great joy to take broad ideas and bring them to life!

Cocktail Hour In The Studio


Custom drinks & custom countertops

We love crafting our own cocktails almost as much as we love creating the surfaces to mix them on. Take a look inside the Elderflower Manhattan, a refreshing bourbon based beauty to make any mixologist swoon.

Twist on an old classic

After a long workday spent covered in concrete, sweating and chugging cold brew by the gallon (wait is that just us…?), you look forward to coming home, getting cleaned up and enjoying a little taste of the finer things. But, even if you aren’t up to your elbows in concrete, it’s nice to treat yourself at the end of a hard day’s work. The Elderflower Manhattan is one of our go-to mixed drinks to unwind with.


Once the design and installation of this custom whiskey sleeve countertop (that we definitely wish we could have kept for ourselves) was complete, we decided we’d better break it in with some of our favorite drinks before saying our goodbyes!


Elderflower manhattan

2oz Bourbon (we like Angel’s Envy)

1oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

1/2oz Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth

2 dashes angostura aromatic bitters (Feel free to play around with bitters here to switch it up!)

Top with a Maraschino Cherry since a cocktail really isn’t complete without a garnish

Serve over a king cube or a large ice sphere.

We’ll have what he’s having!

Photos by Sergio Castro